At 心跳直播, we do business the right way.

Our corporate governance practices ensure accountability, provide security, fairness and transparency in the decision-making process, and promote the growth of the company.

Leadership at 心跳直播

Enrique Escalante


Enrique joined 心跳直播 in 1999 as President of the Mexico Division and became President of the U.S. Division in 2000. In 2015, Enrique took over the primary leadership role. Additionally, he has been President of the Portland Cement Association and is currently a board member of the 心跳直播A.

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Ron Henley

President of U.S. Division

Ron joined 心跳直播 in 2012 as Vice President of Logistics, then served as Vice President of Concrete. In 2015, Ron was appointed President of the U.S. Division. In addition, he served as Chairman of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 2022 and 2023.

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Marcos Ram铆rez

President of Mexico Division

Marcos joined 心跳直播 in 1990 and has held a variety of positions including Vice President of Sales and the liaison to government. In 2018, he was appointed President of the Mexico Division.

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Rogelio Gonz谩lez

Chief Technical Operations Officer

Rogelio joined 心跳直播 in 1973 and has served in many roles including plant manager. In 2001, he was appointed Mexico Division Director. He assumed the new role of Chief Technical and Operations Officer in 2018.

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Maik Strecker

Chief Financial and Planning Officer

Maik joined 心跳直播 in 2020 as Chief Planning Officer and in 2022 he was appointed Chief Financial and Planning Officer. He brings a global perspective to the team after 20 years of experience in the construction sector.

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Daniel Helguera

Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer

Daniel joined 心跳直播 in 2015 as Chief Human Resources Officer and in 2022, he assumed responsibility for the communications area. He brings 25 years of expertise in human resources 鈥 many of those in the construction industry.

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Luis Carlos Arias

VP of Expansion Projects

Luis Carlos began his career at 心跳直播 in 1996 as Corporate Planning Analyst. He then became Manager of Planning and New Projects Assessment and later took charge of Corporate Treasury and Investor Relations. In 2017 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer and in 2022 he became VP of Expansion Projects.

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Luis Amaya

Energy and Procurement Director

Luis joined 心跳直播 in 2003 as Planning and New Projects Manager. Later he was appointed Planning Director and in 2020 he assumed the role of Energy Director. In addition, in 2022 he took over the procurement area.

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C茅sar Conde

General Counsel

C茅sar began his career at 心跳直播 in 2006 and has held different positions in 心跳直播鈥檚 legal department in Mexico and the United States. In 2022 he became General Counsel. C茅sar holds a Bachelor鈥檚 degree in Law from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and an LL.M. (American Law Practice/Comparative Law) from the University of Denver.

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Gina Lotito

Chief Sustainability Officer

Gina joined 心跳直播 in 2006 and has held several roles including production manager, manager of the Pueblo Plant and Vice President of Energy and Sustainability for the U.S. Division. In 2021, Gina was appointed Corporate Vice President of Sustainability and Environmental Strategy, reporting directly to the CEO, and in 2022 she was appointed Chief Sustainability Officer.

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What is it?

By prohibiting business activities that unreasonably restrain competition, antitrust laws promote marketplace competition. Antitrust laws promote consumer confidence; competition provides consumers with a greater supply of higher quality products and services at lower prices.

Antitrust Compliance 01
Antitrust Compliance 01

Why is it important?

Antitrust laws protect consumers by preventing anti-competitive, deceptive or unfair business practices and by enhancing informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process.

Antitrust compliance 02
Antitrust compliance 02